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YAH was born, Yashannkia Alexeodayne Houston on December 4, 1983 in Houston, TX. She spent her early life on Houston's Southside, but later relocated to the city's Northside. YAH and her five siblings were raised by their Father Frank Houston. Her Father is a known singer, and bass guitarist in the city. Living in a musical household, YAH always expressed a passion for entertainment, and sports. She was a tomboy growing up, and was active in sports while in school, and in the neighborhood where she lived.

YAH had a rough up bringing, such events led her in a troubled teen period. She later reconnected with her spirituality, and begun to focus more on God, and His plans for her life. While singing in the church choir, she'd discovered her natural ability as a singer. Consequently, YAH sought out to pursue a career in the entertainment business.


Beginning officially in 2007, YAH landed a career in modeling. After several modeling placements, YAH has decided to focus more on her music full time, as a Recording Artist, and  Performer. Some of her musical influences includes, her Father, 2 Pac, William McDowell, Lauren Hill, Mariah Carey, Kem, several Reggae, Gospel, Oldies, Jazz, 80's & 90's Hip Hop/Rap, Afro, and R&B & Soul Artist. Keep up with YAH on her social media pages!


Debut Music Video



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